Saturday, 6 August 2011

Dealing with the Orange Glut

Did you know we have an orange glut in Australia right now? All that rain in summer caused top growing conditions. Orchardists are backing trucks up to their trees and driving them away fully laden with prime, juicy oranges.

Which is awesome.

Except that people tend to eat the same number of oranges as they did last year, and the year before. Folks, we have to help! Oranges are cheap and excellent, and we can all afford to eat more wholesome fruit, eh?

Here's an idea. I zested an orange (with a really fine zester), dried out the zest just a little (an hour sitting on a plate), then dropped it into a sealed canister with some tea leaves. I I made a pot of tea this morning with it, and it was quite yum. I think I need a canister of lemon, one of lime, and one of mandarin now.

Like my gorgeous vintage spoon? It's actually a fork, but hey. Makes the photo look extra cool.

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