Sunday, 16 October 2011

Nice Torso!

I went to Picture to Page, the local scrapbooking show, yesterday, and met Cathy Daulman. She had been telling us (at SERS) about a great new mould she'd made. Yes, a mould, for casting shapes in. That meant she'd carved the original - it was a lot of work. But this the result - a classy torso, cast in quality plaster, for sale at the show, and, I'm sure, from My Stamps.

See, nice classic look, not too anatomical.

So far I've painted it black (just a good base colour - it won't stay black)...

And I've selected a few bits and bobs that looked like they wanted in on this project.

This is a small cake tin, suited to making Financiers and other fancy cakes - it was a bit rusty when I rescued it from trash and treasure-dom, so I never did use it to bake. Just had to add that,   because I want to assure you that my reverence for all baked goods is intact. Here it's roughly painted, but that'll get covered.

And here's a swan. Well, most of one. The head got used in another project , which I must post pictures of properly...

Swanny came from a garage sale too. While elegant, he was pretty messy, and definitely ready for the altering table.

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Michelle said...

A strange arrangement - will be interesting to see what you create!