Friday, 17 February 2012

I can Herve That!

Want to see an awesome chocolate mousse? Sure you do!

This is a recipe from Herve This, a molecular gastronomy maven (he's mates with Heston Blumental). The mousse is made of chocolate, water, and ... that's it! It's all in the method.

Here's the recipe - very easy to do.

The recipe asks for fancy schmancy 70% chocolate, but I used this unpretentious but servicable 33% milk chocolate - came out exactly as moussy. VERY super sweet though. Quite a rush to the head. Definitely worth thinking about the darker chocolate for next time.

Now we must move on to the presentation. The little pots - well, I bought them in Paris. With yoghurt in them! Yes, the nicest yoghurt in France comes in gorgeous earthenware pots. We brought six home!

Then there's the teeny little chocolate bar. Oh, I do love a nice chocolate mould.  I saw these in Paris too, but didn't buy one at the time. They are made by Silikomart.Thought about it some more, and bought one just this week in Melbourne.

So there you are, probably enough showing off about a nice pudding for one night.

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