Friday, 3 February 2012

Steeped in Steampunk

Steam what? Steam-punk? What is that? Oh, it's an artistic and lifestyle movement that's been going on for yonks, but it's so hot right now. Catriona and I just got the bug. We've smashed up some clocks looking for cogs and stuff. We went to see Hugo (that is WAY steampunk, and a top flick too). But mainly, I sorted through the Lego for a Steampunk Kit. With it, I made this - the Steampunk Pizza Drivethrough!

Here we see Lord Fotheringale in his steam driven Navigator-Mobile 3002. But inventing all day is very hungry work, so he's arriving at ...

Master Percy's Esteemed Pizza to the Gentry, (serving the Steampunk community since 2012) where even the chefs wear goggles.

And let's just get one more look at Lord Fotheringale's vehicle - yes, that all seems to be in order. Damn fine. He was in the military, you know.

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