Sunday, 2 December 2012

Happy birthday to me!

And how was your birthday, Mrs Laing?

Why it was lovely! How kind of you to ask.

Catriona found me a special gift. Back when we were in the US, we discovered that we quite like Reeses peanut butter cups (I know, Aussie chocolate is better and all that, but these were a nice indulgence). Well, it turned out a local shop had some, and she enclosed some in a handmade card!

Jeff tracked down a DVD set for me - we'd started watching this strange and funny Mitchell and Webb series recently, but it turns out we were seeing series seven!

The boys gave me a coupon for a breakfast - I haven't used it yet! I figure, if I buy delicious strawberries and other good fruits, then they make waffles, I will get fruit and waffles!

I made mandarin macarons, and took most of them to work. They were pretty nice...

On a driving practice session, Jeff had navigated Catriona to Wellington Rd, Rowville, where they bought a bar of this Cinnamon and Cashew chocolate. You may know Heritage more from colourful easter eggs, but let me tell you, their posh range is VERY nice.

Anne-Marie gave me a little parcel of treats, and I started my work day with a fancy tea from the parcel.

Gail made me some hazelnut and chocolate spread, which is amazingly good, very dark and not too sweet.

Chris gave me pretty chocolates, which are all gone, and made three of us very happy.

Jeff's Mum sent me gorgeous perfume.

My mum was stranded in Port Macquarie at the time (she was going to be here). She's unstranded now, but we won't see her until next year, probably. She still managed to send a PICTURE of a birthday card!

We went to see the new James Bond movie - fantastic, I loved it!

And John and Emma sent a coupon for a baking class at Brasserie Bread in South Melbourne. Jeff got one too - we'll probably go in the new year. Looks fabulous!

Jeff's promised to take me out to morning tea at Monseiur Truffe, the local-to-work posh chocolate place (I do like chocolate). We were going to do it on my birthday, but it was raining. Then the next day, we had end to end meetings. Then the next day it was unseasonably hot! So this week for sure.

I also had control of the remote control for most times the TV was on, and selected "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers", followed, logically, by "Pulp Fiction" as my week's movie viewing.

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