Saturday, 10 August 2013

Interesting cooking lately

I've been doing plenty of interesting cooking lately ...

There's this. Sourdough starter. I have two going, one I made myself, and one I got from a shop. They're both good. This one wears a hat so I know which one it is.

With a good starter, I make bread like this any day! Well, I make it with yeast too, but starter is extra satisfying, and it tastes pretty good.

I've made yoghurt too, pretty successfully... I used the dehydrator to keep it at the required temperature, and that was successful.

Since the dehydrator was on, got to make some fruit leather too. This is kiwi fruit, very tart and tangy.

Sprouted some barley in a jar ...

... and used it to make malted barley flour! That goes into the bread too. I dried the sprouted grains in the dehydrator too. The sourdough starter hitched a ride on the dehydrator too, so I think we can safely say, nothing went to waste.

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