Wednesday, 14 August 2013

You must become a John Finnemore fan!

Who's the funniest comedy writer working today? Why, it's John Finnemore! If you want a treat on your iPod, you should hunt down Cabin Pressure, and Souvenir Programme.  Cabin Pressure is a sit com based at a tiny airline. It stars the now-very-famous Benedict Cumberbatch, but of course when it started, he was just part of the talented ensemble. And Souvenir Programme is a sketch show, featuring some of the cleverest and funniest sketches I've ever heard. There's one about grasshoppers, honestly, cleverest thing ever, but you'll have to work up to it.

Here's a link to the first episode of Cabin Pressure, and here's one for Souvenir Programme.

And here is a link to Mr Finnemore's own blog, a terrific read (his descriptions of procrastinating at the British Library when he's supposed to be writing are particularly worthwhile).

And here ... this is good ... is a sketch he wrote, and wasn't able to use in the new Souvenir Programme, so he kindly gave it to all of us.

And here are my twins, Jonathan (left) and Thomas (right) performing the sketch after dinner. I was amazed at how it came to life in performance. Even though I'd read it, I giggled myself silly! And anything that gets 15 year old boys away from the computer is a good thing.

So thanks for a lot of laughs, Mr Finnemore, and get back to that next writing thing you were supposed to be working on.

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