Monday, 28 April 2014

Morning tea at Ble Sucre

All that walking around a small market gets one so hungry. We had a treat at Ble Sucre, an excellent patisserie on Square Trousseau. I had a Tart Tartin - it's a small one, made with a crumbly base, and tenderly cooked apple, encased in a glaze. Surely it wasn't made like the rustic upside down tart. It had an apple stalk artfully placed, and three apple seeds (quite possibly also artfully placed, to let you know what you are eating). Super nice.
Jeff had a caramel religiuese, a choux pastry filled with caramel pastry cream. Which looks pretty nice.
And there's a cannele, which I've made a few times. Thought we'd try a professional one. It was fabulous!
And that's black coffee in the cups. Partly because we are getting enough dairy products in everything else, and partly because even nice places serve UHT milk.

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