Thursday, 26 November 2015

Looking for a new favourite coffee

We've moved into a new office. Instead of the hipster delights of Collingwood, we're now amongst the hustle of the city. Collins street, no less,

And the coffee machine hasn't moved yet (and we do prefer a well made coffee anyway) so the challenge is on. We used to go to the Glassworks Cafe in Gipps st, where a medium latte is actually quite big, costs $3.50, and is well made by the barista who knows what everyone has. Loyalty card, one free in every ten.

So, is there somewhere near the new office to buy coffee?

Ok, it's Melbourne, there's about twelve places inside a minute's walk.

But which is the best? Where will we get delicious, enlivening coffee, from baristas who make us feel welcome? And don't sneer at the thought of making a (gasp) latte?

Will anyone give us a biscuit? Or other treat?

Each day, we've tried a new spot. 

First we try Bonnie Coffee. Friendly welcome. So much scientific apparatus, they obviously make very fancy coffee. Or maybe it's a meth lab. Excellent pastries, possibly just an art installation. The staff work at both sides of the center table, so you can't really tell where to wait. All smiles when we asked for latte. We asked for "large", which is about what we called "medium" until last week. $4.50, plain white paper cup. We introduce ourselves as new to the area. The coffee pusher gives us fizzy water while we wait. Because that's a completely normal thing. 
Bonnie's coffee was delicious, but later in the day, I wondered about a top up. I had tea instead. I know, I know, if you want your coffee strong, don't be drinking latte, but it's what I like.

Second day, we get more adventurous. Down an (almost) spiral staircase into what could only be described as a dungeon, we find Code Black, a properly serious coffee spot. The aroma could sustain you for at least half the day. We order our (gasp) lattes, and tattooed barista is unfazed. She knows that's what lots of people drink. I was amused at someone buying a tiny espresso in a tiny takeaway cup. 

We went for "large" again, still about the size of a Glassworks "medium". $4.20, but there was a happy skull on the cup, so that's a huge plus. Pastries also excellent. We introduced ourselves. They'd already met our IT guys. You know I work in IT, but we have IT guys that make OUR computers work. They are seriously smart IT guys, and they like their coffee. No fizzy water. No other treats.

Code black's coffee definitely sustained me all day. So that's a plus. And, the cup had a funny saying on the other side. But if you want to know what it was, you'll have to go and get one.

So that's the search so far. There will be another one today.

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