Thursday, 26 November 2015

New coffee quest - day 3

Today we left the building and went in the other direction. A pleasant downhill stroll to "In a Rush", a nice lunch place with the full range of goodies. They have chemistry lab equipment too (I think that's just a requirement now). A range of homely cakes, like the classic hedgehog, as well as fancy stuff. I admired the "open Nutella calzone", which didn't look open, or much like a calzone, but did look tasty.

An artful display of vegies on the counter advertised the very, very green juices they would be prepared to make. Gorgeous salads too.

Coffee came in three sizes, and the large was the big size Jeff normally prefers, at $4.50. The medium was my usual size, at $3.90. And we started a loyalty card.

Generic paper cup here, and now that I know the cup sizes, I will be able to bring my nice reusable cup.

This coffee was good and powerful. Tasted like, hmm, chocolate, and liquorice. Perhaps from Honduras? Oh, alright, I read that on their sign. So, another successful coffee run, and still no favourite selected.

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