Saturday, 13 September 2008

How Much Fun You Can Have Close To Home

We went to a fete today - it was at the local retirement home (the same one that ran the Art Show). I'm a little under the weather, so I dragged my driver along, which meant the kids came along too. That turns a treasure hunting expedition into a Family Outing. Cool!

I bought jelly cakes at the cake stall. I thought they were pink lamingtons, but it seems the cake is somehow coated in actual jelly. Mmm.

The kids got showbags, which included these rather smart sunnies.

And we won the hamper raffle! Some wine, chocolates, bikkies, toys, a kettle, writing paper, more stuff, all in a big basket. I was just needing a big basket for the next hamper raffle prize that *I* have to pack. Some of today's hamper could well get recycled for the school fete, but that's what hampers are all about. I can't see the chocolates getting out of the house alive though.

And at the trash and treasure stall, I bought an almost-complete Griffin and Sabine letter-writing kit for 50c. Now that is cool!

Also a great Anchor Hocking plate, the one that goes with the famous peach glaze mugs. You know, these ones. This may end up on eBay (there just isn't room in the house for all the pretties I collect) but I will be enjoying it for a few days at least.

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