Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Ooh, look, a banner

It's amazing what you can do with graphics software, and not a lot of idea of how to use it. I just made a banner! Naturally I had to pick a new template to go with it. Then I had to resize the banner. A few times. Who knew the templates would fit just one size of banner? The artwork in the background is made from a collage I made some years ago. The collage is made inside an old board book - one of those jigsaw books that kids always lose the pieces of. It makes a nice frame for your work, and a skinny niche to put slightly 3-d items into. I used some great stamps from Buzz and Bloom , the "Ribbons and Bows" set. The buttons are cut out of scrapbook paper; the postage stamps are real; the secret letter is hand written by me with a real dip pen on some kind of transparent paper (it probably reads "the quick brown fox.."). Must fill up the last of that book, it looks odd with some pages decorated and some with garish photos of Hi-5!

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Chris said...

I like your banner ... very swish!