Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Ah, back to work, and on Pizza day too!

Back to work properly, now that the school holidays are over. Working from home is NOT the ideal for mothers, you know! It's shockin' actually. Both work and home suffer. So I'm glad to be back in the office.

And I picked a good day too. A Good Thing had just happened in the business, and the boss was celebrating by shouting all the Melbourne staff pizza for lunch. The scrummy kind from the gourmet place! Pete brought in some home brewed beer as a treat for those who liked the look of it (see Jeff and Chris here tucking in here); and Umit topped it all off by bringing in a whole tray of Kadayif. Which is Turkish for AWESOME!

I've hunted down a photo that looks just like what we ate. I borrowed it from here. It's a cool blog with tons of Turkish recipes that would be fabulous to make, if one spoke Turkish (which one doesn't, I'm afraid). So, until I can corner Mrs Umit and get all her secrets, better just keep being charming to her husband.

By the way, beer at work is very much the exception, not the rule. Felt I had to add that.

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