Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Not only that ... but also Choo Choo Bars!

In addition to the excellence of Barney Banana ice creams, we've also discovered that Choo Choo bars are back!

This business
will sell you two as a taster on eBay, but really you will be wanting a boxful.

I've asked my regular lolly pusher, Wallie's Lollies, if they can get them, so we'll see.

For the uninitiated, these are extremely chewy liquorice toffee bars. They can take ages to eat. They taste exactly like 50c Saturday movie matinees at the Capri cinema where they show an Elvis movie (usually Clambake) and then an Abbott and Costello one.


Jeff Laing said...

They aren't exactly the same as the original - but they're the best attempt I've seen in decades.

Way better than that Inch-Licquorice stuff...

Mylene said...

OMG, I remember these as a kid... I loved them!