Tuesday, 20 October 2009

The whole world's going mad for KIMMIES!

Wow, I've finally done it - I've invented a new movement in stamping! It's going to be a craze, I just know it. It's the (wait for it) Kimmie!

A kimmie, for the uninitiated, is a piece of 2-dimensional artwork. Any medium is allowed. The only real restriction is the size - one square centimeter! Yup, that 1cm by 1cm. Pretty darn'd small. But it can be done. Wanna see?

As you can see, here I've prepared a cardstock base by adhering an old dictionary page (I know, I know, I always do that ... well what's wrong with that?). I painted it white, then with some colours (greens and bronzes today).

I inked up just part of a stamp with a marker, and stamped it. The clever bit though - I used a waterproof marker - the permanent kind that dries very fast. You can get an excellent stamped image from them, but only if your stamp is VERY SMALL, because you must work quickly. So this technique requires that you make kimmies!

Why a waterproof marker? So I can paint over it in the next step! More paint added (very much thinned with glazing medium) to colour the wings. Not really to colour, just to tone - I was being subtle.

Then I added - hah! You thought I was going to say "a word snipped out of my favourite dictionary" didn't you! But I wasn't! Then I added a word snipped out of a very tattered POCKET dictionary. They are smaller, you see.

Bit more glazey paint; then some almost black paint on the edges, and you're done. Now wasn't that easy?

To give you an idea of the scale, here's my batch of kimmies, with an Australian 5c piece, and a US penny (one of our family just got back from the US).

But what was the stamp? It's clever! The answer is on my other blog (and that's a hint).

Thanks to Anne and Petrina for setting me on this foolish path!

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