Saturday, 15 June 2013

Lime Macarons - that's tangy!

Pete at work brought in a bag of small limes - apparently a friend had been pruning some trees and had an oversupply. Well, I prepared a year ago by telling Pete that I love limes, so he gave a lot of them to me.

Here's what I made - Lime Macarons. There's zest in the shells, and lime juice and zest in the white chocolate ganache filling. Very tasty indeed.

By the way, I think I've solved the problem of air pockets in the macarons. See this post where I grumble about it.

I am using the same recipe as ever (that's the one that uses Italian meringue), but now I add about half a teaspoon of powdered egg white. That goes into the egg whites just before the syrup. That idea came from Adriano Zumbo, in his cookbook Zumbarons. Seems to make all the difference - the biscuit part of the macaron is soft bikkie all the way through now, not a thin layer of bikkie, then a bubble, then a shell.

Now just need to get the colour right. As a person who owns plenty of paint (not quite game to say "artist") I can't help noticing this green is not the right one at all. But I only have a few food colourings, so I'm using this closest. Do I want as many food colourings as I have paints? Probably not!

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