Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The Dragons of Collingwood

Ever wondered how they demolish huge buildings? Well, now we know - with DRAGONS!

The car park we used to use every day suddenly closed, and we had to make other arrangements. Turns out, the historic brewery on that site is being restored and turned into accommodation. That involves demolishing the old silos (I asked, they are in poor condition and had to go).

So, each day when we go by, we are getting to see the demolition progress. Today we discovered just how they are taking down those huge, reinforced silos. With a dragon!

Have a look and see for yourself. The white crane is holding up a screen that stops any rubble from falling in the street (it's still open, after all). The yellow machine is clearly a dragon.

See what I'm saying? That dragon is eating the concrete day by day!

Here's another look at that powerful dragon!

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