Sunday, 1 March 2009

The Alien Truth About Tupperware

I'm kicking myself. I had some spare Tupperware mugs, a really nice lot with matching coasters, and I sold them on eBay. No problems there, that was a good thing to do.

But I forgot the best bit of the sales pitch!

These particular mugs are famous for : being used in SPACE!

In particular, they were/will be used on the spaceship Nostromo, which as everyone knows is the setting for the film "Alien". Here's proof - Ripley is refreshing herself during the tedious journey home with something from a Tupperware mug.

Pretty exciting, huh?

But wait, it gets more exciting than that!

In the famous scene (you know, the gory one), the little alien - umm - bursts into view; knocks over a Tupperware mug, and scuttles off the table! Now THAT is cool. Earl Tupper would be proud that his invention was serving the people of Earth so many years into the future. Aliens clearly don't appreciate it though.

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weewiccababe said...

OMG I remember those tupperware cups - my mum still has some