Monday, 9 March 2009

Real Live Dinosaurs!!!

Have you got an afternoon free? Frankston's not too far? Well, you should go and see the sand sculptures! They are set up near the waterfront in a fantastic display that's well worth going to. This year's theme is Dinosaurs - now, who doesn't like dinos? Some of them are gorily eating each other, so there's plenty for the kids to enjoy. Artistically, scientifically and aesthetically rather cool.

And how do they make sand sculptures so detailed and sturdy? You'll find out how when you get there. It's about $30 for a family ticket, and you can get a pass out - so you can have lunch, wander back in, and see your favourites again.

We just came back from here, and had a yummy lunch too. Mmm, tiramisu flavoured ice cream (I may have to sleep all afternoon).

So, have I done enough for Frankston tourism yet? Oh, alright, one more photo. A gory one. But you gotta go see the real thing!

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