Monday, 16 March 2009

Sigh! So pretty!

Ah, that's just what I needed, a new thing to love. This is Poole china, from the Twintone range. In the 1950s, or it might have been 40s, the Poole folks started combining pairs of colours to make pretty, functional dinnerware. Some colour combinations lasted years in the range; others were dropped after a year.

The satiny glaze makes them very nice to hold.

Here we have (from the bottom) Lime Yellow and Moonstone Grey (lasted a year in 1956). Next up is Peach Bloom and Seagull (1953 to 1968). Seagull is a dappled pattern, very soothing. Then there's Ice Green and Mushroom, a gutsy choice that's not as common. Finally we have the very satisfying Mushroom and Sepia, which lasted right into the 1980s.

Want more photos? Sure you do! I spent the better part of an afternoon photographing teacups in various moody poses, so you definitely have to look.


Mylene said...

Very artistic photography Pauline!
And just gorgeous, dare I say it, Café Gorgeous, cups.
The shape looks so lovely, like you could cup your hands around them. Bet they'd look just as good with tea in them too!

Pauline said...

They do, they do! Pop on over for a cuppa, any time!