Saturday, 5 September 2009

Book Character Dressups!

Last week was Book Character dressup day at school. It hasn't been held for a few years, due to a change in library staff, but it was all systems go again this year.

Every student, and staff member, dressed up as a book character, and they did bookish activities all day.

Lots of Harry Potters (and friends) all through the school, plenty of Specky Magees (the book that lets you wear your football uniform as a costume), and a full representation of fairy tales in the lower school.

But what do you wear when you're nearly 12, and on the way to High School? No baby books please!

Thomas is The Ring from Lord of the Rings. Notice how it sort of calls to you...

Jonathan is Sauron's Eye, also from Lord of the Rings. Scary, huh?

Here's some of the staff. The big eared gent is the BFG (a Roald Dahl title), and he teaches Thomas! We had a full seven dwarves too.

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