Tuesday, 29 September 2009

A school holiday day out in town

We did one of our favourite things again, took the train into town and strolled around interesting shops. And ate a lot. First stop was donuts and coffee (Jonathan was annoyed that I accidentally got him the chocolate donut without sprinkles. He's an "I want sprinkles" boy.). I gave him a jelly bean from my donut. Then another one.

We saw a cupcake shop (drool) - yes, it was the little camera phone, boy can you tell the difference.

Cool stationery shop with Lego iPod speakers - that was nice.

I saw this pretty sign - it just leads to a driveway now.

There was Lord of the Fries - they are opening a store at Chadstone, and have one already at Northland. I happen to know that I have already recruited at least one (1) new LOTF customer through this blog, so if I keep going, perhaps they'll send me a coupon or something. I had a mini burger. It was yummy - I thought, being mini, it would all be over in two bites, but it was quite a munch for a delicate lady like me. Ahem. Everything they sell is vegetarian. Burgers, nuggets, pies, sausage rolls... but the fries are the main attraction.

We stopped and looked at this TRILLION dollar note from Zimbabwe in a coin shop.

Oh, I'm sorry, that's a HUNDRED TRILLION. Eh.

Then there was the Lindt shop, which we, of course, walked past. I took a photo of the photo of the macaroons. They run chocolate appreciation nights. I don't think I could appreciate it more, but I'd be willing to try.

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Chris said...

But did you get waffles?