Sunday, 13 September 2009

Why don't we have a pizza oven?

And when I say "we", I of course mean the local primary school I help out at.

Jeff and I went to the Collingwood College school fete today - it was just about the best school fete you can imagine. This school is home to the first of the Kitchen Gardens (read about Stephanie Alexander's project here), so the food was particularly good. Immediately on entering, there was AWESOME pizza. It had just come out of the oven. That'd be the wood fired oven in the school yard, that the grade 5s made this year! I had pumpkin and rosemary, and Jeff had potato pizza.

Jeff munched on a sausage in bread, and I had a cup of hot chai (oh, yum).

There was trash and treasure (got a Lego base board, a Playmobil person, a Malaysian Airlines keyring, a Chinese dictionary ... you know, stuff you need).

On the way out, we stopped at the cake stall. We got school made dukkha (to go with bread and dips tonight). And also, Honey Wafers with Chocolate and Macadamias.

Now THIS is why we shop at cake stalls - to try somebody else's specialty. And how is it? Droooool! Baker number 19, we salute you!

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