Monday, 7 September 2009

Fathers Day Treats

Last week I had a fun time getting organised for the Fathers Day Stall at school. An easy fundraiser, we help the kids get a small gift for Dad, at a pocket money price. Obviously, we use every shopping trick we can think of to get value for money. And by buying in bulk, we actually do raise funds for the school too. Nice, eh?

I was wanting to show off our cleverness, but I couldn't show any photos til after the big day - of course!

So this is what 96 Choo-Choo train cards looks like. I stamped them all myself, because I realised that job involved a lot of drying time (I was of course using odd bits of recycled card, so the ink wasn't drying as beautifully as it does on proper stamping cardstock).

My helpers from the P&C came over for an evening, and finished them all off with me. We punched with a square punch and added a square chocolate - which exactly fitted the 1-and-3/8 inch square! Then we clipped on a pen (that's the actual gift), and a quick staple held it shut. Could have been more glamorous, for sure, but we were making 96! So that was our $1 gift.

The chocolates come from Wallies Lollies in Box Hill - they did a great job of getting the right chocolates in for me, so I've got to thank them with a free plug. And at $10 for a kilo - whoa, that's great!

Here's me running my little shop - actually, I had so much help on the day, I just jollied it all along. That's supervising!

And it would be remiss of me not to mention that you can buy these pretty stamps, the inks, and that handy punch, from your local Stampin' Up dealer (who might just be me).

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