Sunday, 27 May 2012

All about my Torso

The lastest arty news is that Cathy (of My Stamps) has worked on a terrific new torso mould. She's offering quality plaster torsos in a just-right size and classic design.

She got me to decorate one - my choice of styles. Well, I gathered up a few trinkets from around the house...

There was this toy swan, which spent the day on the workbench with me at a Michael DeMeng workshop in 2008. It emerged unscathed, but since then, it hasn't been so lucky...

Its head got chopped off in 2011 to get added to an altered Barbie doll (still named Mrs Swan-for-a-Head).

There was this baby doll (the smaller one) who wandered into the scene of action and got rather caught up. The big one is still living on the windowsill.

Then there was this little pie tin, featured in a blog post from 2010 - bought already rusty, it was no longer fit for culinary purposes, so I used it to soak up a little spare paint one day.

And the end result of all of this has been : this! Here's the torso (see how I resisted the urge to attach the wings conventionally).

Here we have the baby doll, strapped safely into her pie tin ...

Nice back tattoo! This was the very last bit I added.

And here's some for you to decorate!

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