Sunday, 13 May 2012

Having a go at Pierre Herme's Ispahan Macarons

As a Mothers Day treat (let's say), I took the time on Saturday to bake a batch of macarons. I chose the Ispahan recipe from Pierre Herme's macaron cookbook ( recently translated and very specialised). The restaurant version of Ispahan is a fabulous confection decorated with fresh raspberries and a rose petal - this is the home version. There's a raspberry jelly inside, as well as a lychee and rose ganache. Whoa, that's a very girly ganache (if you could taste it, you'd see what I mean).

I've sprinkled them with edible glitter (of course). My macarons are starting to look quite good, but I still get a surprise every time I open the oven. Not about to give up my day job!

It took until Saturday night to get these put together. I had a glass or two of red wine, THEN assembled them. Which is totally how I would recommend you do it.

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Mylene said...

Yummmmm.... Pauline, they look great. Would you like to bake a batch for me? ;)