Sunday, 20 May 2012

I tackle a ... pomegranate!

In case you are wondering just how to eat a pomegranate, stick around.

I was shopping at the crack of dawn today, beating the crowds and getting a great parking spot.

So much was I enjoying my trip to Bushy Park, I decided to try a new fruit. Well, it worked great last time - I tried a pomelo, and it was delish! In fact, I bought another pomelo today. Doesn't count as a new fruit any more, it's just one of my regulars now.

So, today's new fruit is the pomegranate. Here's what they look like...

Now that looks tasty - what's inside though?

Ooo, that's pretty. Plenty of shiny seeds, and some tough stuff holding it all together. This is what you see if you cut through the "equator" of the fruit.

I cut out one of the triangles of tough stuff, and that let the seeds come free nicely. Notice all the bright coloured juice all around!

Here's those pretty seeds - they do look like jewels! Whoa, there's a lot of juice around the place now. Really should have moved my iPad first.

Here's the scene of pomegranate carnage - did I say there really is a lot of bright red juice all over the place? I really wish I hadn't been wearing the pants I mean to wear to work tomorrow.

And here's a lot of the goodies from inside the pomegranate. I've already eaten a bunch.

Now, what do they taste like?

Well, tart, juicy, tangy. Did I say juicy? The seeds themselves are pretty bleah. Tough and not good to chew up. I see why pomegranate seeds get used sparingly.

Hmm, why do I keep going back for another spoonful? These really are tasty!

I have another pomegranate - I might juice that one. I might change clothes first though.

Oh yes, and that plate seems to be permanently stained too.

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