Sunday, 6 May 2012

What's that shiny thing parked in your driveway?

We've replaced our old car (and not before time ... bits were starting to fall off it). Here's the new car - a Toyota Yaris sedan (to match the Yaris hatch we already have). The boot on the sedan is rather big, and the back seat is the most spacious of any car we tried. Yes, we tried some big ones!

And the new car's name - ZAW the Mighty! Or sometimes, ZAW the Merciless! Or to his followers, ZAW the Just.

Zaw is a manual. We can both drive a manual, and it's a great idea for kids to learn in one, we thought.

My first drive turned out to be at short notice, in peak hour, when Thomas was almost late for drama. I did NOT enjoy relearning my manual driving on crowded Burwood Highway! But I got there, and the next drive was much easier.

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