Saturday, 7 July 2012

And went to Universal Studios too!

Here's Jeff at the front of Universal Studios theme park. Fun day, cool rides. We discovered the secret of the "single rider queue". If your family of five all want to go on a ride (and if nobody is little enough to need supervision), just march up to the special extra short queue. They seat you in rows with other people to make sure each ride is full. Turns a 1 hour wait into a 15 minute wait. Thomas swears by it!

This park sells a "front of line" pass for double the normal pass. It lets you jump the queue at the popular rides. Well, we went on a busy day, and found short queues all morning, then single ridered all afternoon. Glad we didn't waste our money!

Serious lobbying from the boys to be allowed to go off by themselves. We are very hesitant, but I guess we are at that stage.

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