Saturday, 7 July 2012

Best queue I ever saw!

We rode the Transformers ride at Universal Studios. It was popular hand had a longish wait. But it was the best waiting I've ever seen! As soon as you are inside the building, in spite of being in a long snaking queue, you are entertained by "briefings" about the situation (the bad guys are about to do a bad thing, and we have to stop them, basically). These become the actual safety briefing as you progress. There are props to look at too. But best of all, there are buttons to push! And control panels! And dials! Turns a half hour wait into a fun activity.

Of course, later in the day it becomes a 90 minute wait - I can't help you on that!

Cool ride though. Simulator combined with 3d movie, of course done by the people who made the movie. I haven't seen the Transformers movies, so it's quite possible I missed some of the subtle nuances. I won't tell you how it ends, but ... since the world is still here, you might have guessed.

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