Thursday, 5 July 2012

We went to Disneyland!

Yesterday was our day to go to Disneyland! It's ten minutes down the road from here, and the road system guides you smoothly to your parking spot. Disney have worked it all out, the will be no hassles from when you drive in the driveway to when you leave. A tram collects you from the car park and drives you to the gate. Your bag gets searched (I sneaked in muesli bars and apples, and they don't seem to mind), then you buy your ticket. Well, you can buy them in advance, but seriously, it was zero effort at the gate.

Since we arrived at about 9, the crowds were still a bit down. We raced onto Star Tours, a fabulous Star Wars themed ride, which has recently been updated. It was the best! We got flown to Hoth and zoomed around the AT-ATs (that's the marching bad guy machines, as seen at Legoland yesterday).

I sent the others onto space Mountain, a scary roller coaster, while I had a go on Tomorrowland Terrace (that's a coffee shop). Coffee came out to $3.01 when the tax was added. I automatically rounded down in my head, but no, here they want the 1c. So now we have 99c in change.

And the rest of the day was very Disney. We went on all the good rides, it was all fun and so well done. Here's the boys at the front. As often happens, I didn't take a lot of photos in the park. Too busy doing stuff, and it's more fun to see with your eyes.

There are signs at every ride showing the waiting times, as well as a booking system where you can make an appointment for later and not stand in line. A lot goes on behind the scenes to make all of that work - I'll bet a lot of it happens in the IT department!

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wow... sounds brilliant!