Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Making Bread part 2

Well, I hope you were here for part 1. If not, just go there and start now, You'll catch up.

Somewhere between 8 hours and 24 hours after doing step 1, you should move on to today's steps. It's flexible because 8 hours is JUST enough, and 24 is not too long. If you have a reason to leave your dough longer than that (like, your baking time was interrupted by a family emergency, or you needed to watch Masterchef), just pop it in the fridge. It will stay nice for a day or two longer.

1. Lift the lid of your dough.

Mmm, does that look nice or what? I'm going with "what". If it looks like a creepy, bubbly, shiny, slime mould, you're doin' it right. Relax, it will look more foodlike soon.

2. Sprinkle lots of flour on your nice clean counter, and scrape the bread out of the bowl. A silicone spatula does a good job here. Get your hands floury, and fold the dough over just a few times, until it looks like this. Not scary at all!

If you made a mess of your counter or hands, use more flour next time. It makes cleaning up easier too!

3. Today we're making breadsticks. Why breadsticks?  Because they are easy and quick to make, serve and eat. Shorter rising time. No breadknife needed. Also, more crusty, and we love crust.

So, tear your dough into four segments, and stretch/roll them into long sticks. The dough is springy and wants to stay round, but be patient. Let a piece "relax" while you pummel the next one, and this step will only take a few minutes.

Sprinkle a tray with lots of flour, and lay your breadsticks on it. The flour stops them from sticking, so be generous.

That's the end of step 2. Go and do something else for half an hour or so. You could turn the oven on during that time. Good and hot please.

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