Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The oddest bookshop we've ever seen

"Un Regarde Moderne" in the Saint Germain area is a bookshop I found a mention of while we were planning this trip. It got onto our list of things to see. Today we actually went there, having discovered it is very close to one of Jeff's favourite game shops. This book shop is famous for ... Well, just look at the layout. Piles of books everywhere. We assumed we'd just look in and then get out again.

But, the shop worked its magic, and within a minute, we'd seen "Alice au pays de lettres" - Alice in the Land of Letters. Anyone who knows Jeff knows that interesting Alice in Wonderland variations are some of his favourite things. Along with word puzzles.

So he squeezed into the aisle where it was (there honestly wasn't room to turn around) and grabbed the interesting book. We found the owner and paid, and backed carefully out.

So I recommend you all go and visit this bookshop. But maybe one at a time.

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