Monday, 19 May 2014

The things you find when you tidy up...

Some of the boxes in the craft room hold artwork of mine, including some that has been sent to magazines for publication. And some has been successfully published, and some has bounced right back with a friendly "not this time" note. This is one of those ... I made a cute set of cupcake holders, using card and punches, and eyelets too (I had just got my Cropadile, that's an excellent eyelet setter). I worked out some fancy method for making the big arc shape of the "cupcake" base with a simple circle cutting tool, rather than a specialised die (they weren't around in those days anyway). The cupcake holders came home with a "thanks but no thanks" note, but it still seems like a nice idea to dress up some cupcakes for a special afternoon tea, doesn't it?

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