Saturday, 17 January 2009

Come to my Stamp Club

South Eastern Rubber Stampers is my stamp club! We meet on the LAST Saturday of every month, except when we don't (that's usually just December). We've been going for years! I've been running it for around 8 years on and off. We've moved venues and had heaps of people coming and going. We still have one founder member, which is amazing. We usually have a dozen or so happy stampers. Contact me if you want to come. Next meeting is on 31 January! Just thought I'd mention it here, 'cos why not?

We meet at Mount St Neighbourhood House from 1pm to around 5pm on meeting days. We often pack up around 4pm, but when someone's on a roll, nobody stops them.

I don't often take photos at meetings, but here's one I snapped because I had a new phone. The other photo is from my Christmas cards for 2008. Crackle, whoa!

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