Thursday, 15 January 2009

In which we find gold and raspberry drops!

We had a very special day out - Sovereign Hill in Ballarat! It's such a fabulous visit, it's a shame to leave it to the tourists...

Once you get over the drive to get there (not that bad really) it's such a great day - there's so much to do inside, and you can get away without spending a cent (although I confess we didn't try that - it's nice to support all the interesting shops inside).

Here's Jonathan panning for gold (we found several bits - our collection is getting pretty extensive now.) This is what I'd call good honest semi-educational fun. You certainly come away with the feel for the WORK you had to do on the goldfields.

But most of that is forgotten when you discover you also get to suck on home-made raspberry drops (oh yum).

Here's a picture of a batch of humbugs, just made in the old fashioned lolly factory!

Let me know if you want to go to Sovereign Hill, because I have coupons to give away (free kids' entry, a genuine good deal).

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