Saturday, 17 January 2009

We are running out of Polymer Clay

Because the kids are getting so good at it ...

To understand how good these are, you need to be aquainted with Munchkin, a hilarious card game that pokes merciless fun at fantasy role playing games (the kind where you cast spells and kill dragons). Here's a sample card.

And it would help if you knew of Monty Python Fluxx. Which leads me to normal Fluxx, an excellent card game I'd recommend for kids and adults.

Here's the "Yippy Munchkin Dude" from the box, made by Jonathan :

Then there's the Orc, made by Catriona :

And the highly impressive Black Beast of Arrrggghhh by Thomas (from Monty Python Fluxx) - and from Monty Python:

We've started using Modelene, an Aussie polymer clay in bright and satisfying colours, easy to work, and the distributor is just in the next suburb. So, I need more...

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