Wednesday, 7 January 2009

I'd recommend - a donut!

We're back in Melbourne! Yay! Yesterday was busy with unpacking, fixing problems (the car had become unregistered - yikes!) and settling in. Today, time for a "project". And there's no snacks in the house. And when I did grocery shopping yesterday I forgot eggs, so I can't make a cake.

So : I followed a recipe I'd been meaning to try out. It's the secret donut recipe, found on a web site. The man who developed it (with his baker dad) explains that he's a teacher needing extra income, and he gives you lots of web site tips too.

Anyway, the recipe is the real deal, very yummy indeed. There's some left for after dinner.


Chris said...

Yummy, yes, but mine weren't nearly as pretty.

Then again when they're disappearing off the plate faster than you can blink, who cares?


Pauline said...

Pretty? Mine weren't really pretty either, I'm just fabulous at photography (try macro and a pretty plate, it makes food look yummy).

Maybe a silly question to ask, but ... did yours taste nice the next day? Ours were pretty nice, but far better on the day. We made about 20 from the batch - I think I rolled too thin, but they were a nice size.