Friday, 9 January 2009

This just in - They have Ducks!

We went by Croydon yesterday on a textbook shopping mission (year 8 Chinese, thanks for asking) and discovered that our old friends Robert Gordon have opened up a shop way closer to home. It's a china shop (just the place to take bumptious kids, you say...), and it's a super visit, because you can paint your own stuff! They fire it and have it ready for you to collect. We've done it several times - I have a mug and a little snack bowl. Both boys have a side plate, dinner plate and piggy bank (shown in the photo), and Catriona has a mug. We've suffered a few breakages over the years too, so it's always time to paint more.

And here's the news flash - for $12, you can paint a duck! Just like a rubber ducky, only china! Now that is inspiring!

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