Wednesday, 6 May 2009

The doll show was fabulous!

I went to the Cloth to Clay doll show at Berwick last weekend as promised. It was fabulous!

I ran into Beverley, an old stamping buddy, who is mad on doll making now. This is one of her works - it's the result of a doll making weekend those nutty girls at the Cloth Dolls Association ran. They took a plain doll and a bag of fabric - then they swapped bags! Everyone had to dress a doll with someone else's goodies. This is the one Beverley made.

She's made the clothing so that it all works like full size clothes. No cutting corners, or sewing the clothes onto the doll. Well, I was impressed.

Then here's another of Beverley's dolls. Pretty, hey? I'm not sure about posting photos of OTHER people's dolls - I don't know the makers, and I'd hate to take liberties. But check out their web site - they have some super stuff!

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