Monday, 11 May 2009

My Mother's Day

Phew, what a nice Mother's Day! Plenty of fun stuff that I enjoy - that's what it's all about.

I visited the market in the morning as usual, and came home to find ...

... a scrumptious kid-made waffle breakfast (yes, those ARE penguin shaped waffles!).

There were presents ...

some of which were supplied by the most wonderful school Mother's Day stall (which of course I had organised). That's one way to guarantee nice gifts. A pretty mug with an Earl Grey tea bag; a massager; a handy torch; and a candle. Nice, hey? And Dad came through with an arty book!

Then there's the cards - wa hoo, three hand made ones!

Thomas showing his sense of humour :
Don't worry, the birdy gets it right in the end...

Jonathan made this card at school, and the teacher MADE them add a promise to do something nice for Mum that day. As you can see I've used my turn up, and had to mark the card accordingly. I had him make me a coffee (with the proper filter). Thomas had to teach him how to do it. Tee hee, now I have TWO sons who know how to make proper coffee.

Then Catriona just made herself at home in the craft room and used some of my nice stamping goodies.
AND, we went out to the movies, and saw Star Trek (which I loved!).

AND we tried to go to dinner (too crowded, in spite of making a booking) so we ended up getting yummy pizzas at the local great pizza place.

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