Friday, 22 May 2009

Delicious Postage Stamps

Oops, this one nearly got past me ... Australia Post have issued new stamps with DESSERTS on them! More particularly, desserts that have an interesting history, so as well as the luscious food, there is some useful Australiana. It's called "Not Just Desserts".

One of the stamps features the wonderful ANZAC biscuit. Want a recipe? Sure you do! Here's a link to my best one! Jeff has been adding his comments to my recipe. You think I'm pedantic? Wait til you see what he says about syrup!

No fancy designs in the gutters though, I checked. Check out the "With Love" designs though - pretty hearts in the gutter - that's nice! For the uninitiated, when a sheet of stamps is printed, they sometimes leave a gap through the middle, which is used colour registration (I guess). Lately, Aussie Post has been using the gutters to add to the design of the whole sheet. SOME stamp issues have had cool pictures in the gutters. They are the size and shape of stamps, but of course are not valid for postage. And, being smart, of course AP hasn't let them look enough like stamps to fool anyone. I stick 'em in my art journal. Why not?

1 comment:

Jeff Laing said...

I don't think its being pedantic to want people to get the best possible biscuit.

Its more like a public service. We can't have a bunch of foreigners looking at that recipe and making sub-standard cookies.

I think I might deserve a commendation or something. Perhaps someone should have a word with the Order of Australia people...