Wednesday, 13 May 2009

More about my stamp club blog

I spent far too long yesterday playing with the SERS blog, for my stamp club. I'm not sure that a countdown timer to the next meeting is STRICTLY required, but it sure was fun.

Since starting it up, my concern has been to get it up towards the top of the Google rankings, so that anyone who wants to find the info, will.

At first, no luck. Of course, it takes time for the indices (that's the plural of index, folks) to be updated. Later in the day, I managed to get to the TOP of the search results, if I used the right search terms. The bad news was, the search terms had to include "Eclectus Parrot", and I'm not sure how many people would think of that.

But I just tried again today, and woo hoo, if you type "South Eastern Rubber Stampers" or "SERS Melbourne" or "Rubber Stamp Club Melbourne" or various other things that people would think of, you will see the SERS blog on the first page.

And just to keep Google on its toes, here's a photo of an Eclectus Parrot. At stamp club.

So, if you are interested, have a lookee at the SERS blog. If you are associated with SERS, feel free to add a link on YOUR blog or site. Your little link will help the blog to be findable to new people. Cool, huh? And no effort for me, which is a plus.


Chris said...

Just so you know your message is getting out, I've put a SERS blog link in my blog ...

Gail Kirby said...

I'll go and do the same. I loved those photos Barb posted! What memories - I remember the day the Mac came to stamp club! I don't know what gadget I was showing Chris either, although now I think I was looking at one of her CDs that store her ums!

BTW - my word verification is "modiftwa" - sounds Welsh!