Monday, 13 October 2008

Free Stuff - it's so cool!

OK, so this is what you do. Go to the post office, and get some postage stamps. Yep, the kind you normally use. You will get to use these ones too. But before going to the counter, looked around for a Philatelic display. By the way, you say it "Phil-a-TELL-ick". No need to be scared of a long word. On the philatelic display, you will see stamps packaged up and well labelled. These are meant for collectors. Some collectors like to get the corner stamp, or the ones from the middle of the sheet. Look for the GUTTER STRIP. And here's why. Sometimes (not always) the gutter has cool pictures on it! Other times it just has test printing dots.

This set is the Mega Fauna stamp issue, released on 1 October. Yes, I've used one already. See those cool skeleton "stamps"? Not valid for postage, they are meant to be admired and thrown away, but I just can't help sticking them into my art journal.

Thanks for the cool free stuff, Australia Post.

Oh, and if you don't live in Australia, here's a link to the official Stamp Shop.


Louise said...

Ooh thanks! My DS is doing a history project on Megafauna ATM, so I got me to the and picked up a gutter strip and some cool postcards for him. Hope he gets a good mark for his mum...

Pauline said...

Yay! I've succeeded in my mission, then!