Sunday, 26 October 2008

What a great Fete!

We had a great time, thanks for asking! Here's Jeff serving drinks and snacks at the window.
And Catriona's sign for Frogs in the Fridge (we were offering chilled chocolate frogs). I commissioned the artwork specially, and she proudly told me she did it in Science class. ARGH! NO!

We sold around 500 drinks (I know, I was in charge of the fridge) and a few icy poles, and four big bags of popcorn (that's lots of portions). And tons of chocolate. And snakes. Nobody got the gag about the frogs in the fridge, we had to bring them out and sell them from a bowl of ice.

We has absolutely awesome fireworks from Geelong Fireworks, (and I think that's worth a shameless plug, cos they made sure we got great value for our limited budget). Didn't look limited. I'll bet you saw them from your place!

I was tired half way through the fete, and wondered if I'd have to camp at home for an hour, but a chilled bottle of wine with Jeff at the Wine and Beer area was all I needed. Now, next time , lets make sure someone is selling cheesy nibbles.

The cake stall sold out, so all our stuff has new homes now. In total, we made : 40 gingerbread men, 20 bags of Black & Whites, 3 bags of Choc Chip cookies, 4 bags of ANZACs, and 7 strawberry cakes. I guess that's not too bad.

On Monday I'll get to find out how much we made, and I'll take home my unsold journals. Which I'll bet is all of them.

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