Saturday, 18 October 2008

Paperific part 1 - A story with punch!

Here's where I start the story of a really big day out at Paperific. Now, what time of day to go? It's a hefty drive from here, but I decided to skip the morning traffic and leave after 9am. Up the Eastern freeway, round the cemetery, pass the hospital, don't get distracted by the race course, and you're there. In the grounds (it's $5 parking, but that gets you nice and close) I managed, despite really clear signs, to drive the wrong way to the car park. And the car behind followed me, because, well, you do that, don't you. So, a few moments of turning around and I was in the car park.

Going in - it's $10 admission (pretty good deal; remember the general craft shows are up over the $15 mark these days). Argh! I had a magnet from last time; that's good for a $2 discount. Should have remembered it.

First stop - it was Catchy Crafts. That's just because of the layout, and the direction I chose. Ah, they have punches. I like them. Whoa, they have NEW punches. I got excited already. Here's what was exciting : Really HUGE punches by EK Success, in classic shapes like circles, squares and scallops. At 2 for $70 (yes, I told you they were huge) it's a pricey item, but wow. What *I* chose was a smaller swirly punch, and a really cool bird one.

Next installement in a few hours - I have to go to a church fete...

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Gail Kirby said...

Ooh goody! I saw the swirl punch in my latest CK magazine. We can put curly hair onto our owls.....

I am glad you were feeling well enough to go to the show and got through it without any problems!