Friday, 31 October 2008

I really like to grate stuff

I have a grater attachment for my wonderful mixer (it's a lovely Kitchenaid). Well, whenever I set up the grater, I like to grate a lot of stuff. Yesterday was, I think, the greatest grating day ever. I did the regular cheese order (pictured) so that we'd have grated cheese handy for the next week or two. Yes, I know you can buy it grated, but then you don't get to grate it yourself!

Next was four onions (not an unqualified success - it's quick, but still makes you teary), with the slicing attachment. Then, back to grating, and five carrots. Then a heap of little potatoes. Finally, back to slicing, and half a cabbage. From all that, I made a pot of bolognaise sauce (now in three batches in the freezer) and a big "bubble and squeak" sort of thing from potato and cabbage with plenty of pepper and salt - that was for dinner. So we have a few meals ready to go. Yum.

The other preparation I did was a big batch of roasted capsicums, eggplant, and mushrooms. They are the best ever topping for a quick pizza, with some grated cheese of course. I've always said, you can make an amazing pizza out of whatever is in the fridge, if you happen to be in charge of the fridge.

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