Friday, 17 October 2008

Where to get a really cool blank journal

Well, obviously, the Weeden Heights Primary School Twilight Market Bazaar, of course. Known locally as "the Fete". October 24th, in the evening. I've given myself the project of making some blank journals using only junk or recycled materials - that is, little or no cost to anyone, and more or less headed for the scrapheap if I didn't catch them. Because I'm using the glorious Zutter binding machine, I did, of course, have to buy coils from Christina's at the usual price, but that didn't add up to much.

So here's a rundown of materials :
Pages : crumpled brown paper, used as packing materials by Stampin' Up, sourced from my friend and SU seller, Chris
Board for covers : from Reverse Art Truck in Ringwood
Green decorative paper for covers : a car boot sale buy from someone who had way too much of one design - it's pretty Cristina Re paper
Metal Corners : Reverse Art Truck again
Glue : yes, I think even that came from a trash and treasure. But I have been known to buy new glue from time to time
Stamps : for extra points, I think I earned some of the stamps in exchange for craft show work. That great half-face stamp is by Studio Astarte, which is not trading any more, but whose presence is still felt in my stamp collection
Embossing Powder : well, I have certainly bought some new, but I'm pretty sure this lot was from a garage sale.
Shimmery cream coloured paper : is the back of the green paper. Duh. Took me a while to work that one out.

So, these journals will be on sale at the craft stall for a very reasonable price of - whatever Kerryn decides. Do pop by and buy one. Then buy a drink, have something to eat (Gul is making her potato pastries again), and stay for the fireworks.


France said...

What a shame!!! People who go to these things I think don't expect to buy ART but "craft"...
they are gorgeous, for what it's worth, and good on you for being so Green :)

France said...

*der* I left my comment here, and it was meant for a more recent post, anyway, shame you didn't sell any, and I have to say though, in all fairness, baked goods also sell quite well at Fetes! Gorgeous journals! STILL!