Friday, 24 October 2008

Going Nuts!

Well, its the day of the school fete, and what I am doing today? Experimenting in the kitchen, of course! Paranoia about my health means that all my chores are done super-early - the drinks and icy poles my stall is going to be selling are all ready to go, the signs are there, the float is coming, and we just have a few minutes of setup to do when the school day ends.

So, I browsed around some blogs, and visited France from Perth. She got me onto Strawberry Cake, which I just made. Looks nice. But then I browsed from there to 28 Cooks and drooled over Indian Spiced Nuts. Looks yummy, I have all the ingredients, and I'm hungry, so off we go...

I ground the spices in my new Jamie Oliver shaker gadget. Bought at a garage sale (hey, you knew that) while it was still new - must have been a gift. It's the perfect tool for grinding the spice seeds - that took moments.

And here's the nuts: while they last.

So, all this "browsing" was meant to count as my "relaxing" time of the day. So NOW it's time to relax for real.

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