Thursday, 23 October 2008

It's all in the packing

I learned long ago that packing your cake stall stuff well makes it easier to transport and handle, and people buy more. And are ready to pay more. Well, everyone loves a bargain, but it IS fundraising, you know.

So here's how I do it. Pack things in long bags (I buy them by the 100 from party supply shops), fold the top over twice, and staple on a pretty paper label you've just printed up on your printer (8 or so to a page). Looks cool.

Local regulations mean that the baker needs to be identified by a number (and the convener of the stall records the name and address). I always contact the convener and get my number early, and print it on. Saves handling on the day. If I can't get a number early, as here, I make up a number nobody else will be using. I doubt we are going to get 98 other contributions before I arrive.

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